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As we all know, summer is here, and one of Oklahoma's newest attractions is the Riversport Adventure Boathouse District in OKC. This modern complex offers activities for all ages, from kayaking to rafting to cycling.

It is summer and there are many golf courses to visit, bowling alleys and things to do on Fridays evenings to think about. This nightmare country spook, which was voted Oklahoma's No. It's full of horror movies, haunted houses and other creepy stuff, but there's more to it than that.

This local history museum offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of the area and create a unique and tasty place to eat, drink and shop. There's college sports at Oklahoma State University, but if you want a more unusual sport, there's also a bit of roller derby in Tahlequah. Oklahoma has a wide variety of sports to offer, from football, basketball, baseball, football and football to basketball and baseball.

Tahlequah's picturesque parks, scattered along the river, provide an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Illinois River Basin on foot, by bike or by vehicle.

The activity covers 14 hectares and the grounds are finely maintained with beautiful flowers and greenery, while a tour of the house that once belonged to millionaire George Michael Murrell gives a history lesson about the Oklahoma Civil War. When you finish your museum tour, visit the rustic 1925 house once occupied by oil magnate Frank Phillips of Oklahoma. Muskogee Haunted History Tours invites guests to join tours of local haunted sites on October 14, 20, 21 and 27, on foot or by bike. The city of Tahlequah also organizes a series of history trails that lead through the city's parks, along the Illinois River Basin and in front of a number of historic buildings.

The first monument was erected there, to which the first telephone in Oklahoma was connected and which is still used today.

Also in 1851, the Cherokee Female Seminary was opened in Park Hill, which performed a parallel function for Cherokee girls. Tahlequah is also the county seat of Cherokee County, and the main campus of Northeastern State University is located in the city. It is run by Tahlone High School and also serves as a secondary school for the district.

The Cherokee Heritage Center serves as a historical and cultural museum with exhibits and changing exhibitions about the history of the Cherokee and its culture. The museum inside houses a variety of artifacts ranging from Native American art to artifacts from the history and culture of the city and other parts of Cherokee history.

Not only is there this one - from - a lovable treasure, but there is also Lake Tenkiller, the only lake in Oklahoma that is half saltwater and half freshwater. Tenkillers Lake, also known as Oklahoma's Clear Water Paradise, is located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and has over 130 miles of coastline bordered by the Oklahoma River and the Arkansas River.

Although the tub doesn't offer a full day of activities, there's also a dirt road that winds through the foothills of the Ozarks around the Illinois River. This stream, when it flowed into it, wound deeper into the forest and offered several deep pools. While outdoor activities in the area are generally still a well-kept secret, if you live in Northeast Oklahoma or Tahlequah in general, be sure to check out the Oklahoma State Parks and Recreation Department website for more information about the park and its activities. The online database of state parks and recreational facilities helps to protect these areas from use, vandalism and litter.

If you're planning to spend your next family vacation in Tahlequah, there's something for everyone, so behave yourself.

Take advantage of the park's campgrounds, rent a sailboat at Pine Cove Marina, navigate the waters of Tenkiller Lake, or enjoy the views from the Tahlequah River. History buffs will not want to miss this exciting museum that highlights all aspects of Cherokee life. The Cherokee National Prison Museum is only $5 for adults and $3 for seniors and students. Visit the Cherokee Heritage Center in Taleqah to learn about Cherokee culture in Oklahoma. Visit Tahlingah at the Natural History Museum, the National Park Service and the Oklahoma State Museum.

Stay at Murrell Home, located just off the Talequah vacation rental, and enjoy stunning scenery and stunning views of Tenkiller Lake and the Tahleqah River. Visit Tahlingah at the Natural History Museum, the National Park Service or the Oklahoma State Museum and visit the Cherokee Heritage Center and Cherokee National Prison Museum to learn more about Cherokee history.

The J.T. Nickel Preserve is located in Tahlequah in the Ozarks and includes more than 1,000 acres of wetlands filled with springs fed by streams, streams, wetlands and wetlands. The conservation authority operates the Nickle Preserves and the bathtub cliffs are located just a few kilometers northeast of Tahlingah.

More About Tahlequah

More About Tahlequah