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The ability of students to engage in athletics is of great public importance and important for possible university and professional careers. Students who want to engage in sport and even choose it as their profession are required by the school to which they belong and by their parents if they wish to take up a sport. They are bound by OSSAA rules and procedures and have the only path to higher education. Students often have access to the highest level of education available in Oklahoma State.

Students - Athletes who have been recruited may register and move to another school or represent that school at events. In the event of a found breach, the association will examine whether a school has not notified the school of a known or suspected breach of the recruitment rules concerning a student-athlete, in order to assess whether sanctions can be imposed on the schools. The school is also to consider whether the rule imposes possible sanctions on them.

This section does not apply to an approved sporting event, whether or not accredited by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association participating in the event. In other words, Oklahoma secondary schools must join the OSSAA to compete within its roughly 491 member schools, and must participate in interstate competitions in which the schools concerned must follow the rules and regulations of their respective associations, provided they comply.

Fourteen of the current directors of the OSSAA are public school employees, and the primary roles of these individuals are in their own school districts. The board meets twice a year during the football season when questions arise about eligibility. Oklahoma authorizes the OSAA to determine the sporting suitability and venue - both for games and for guest appearances.

This organization, so closely interwoven with almost every additional activity - curriculum-based - that membership is practically necessary to participate in it, is not really voluntary. This means that OSSAA member schools may not participate in sporting competitions unless they are entitled to participate in or have refused to participate in them.

Summer training camps and sports clinics with students - athletes in grades 7-12 can only be held for the school district during the first full week of the school year. After that, they are not allowed to attend basketball or football camps or clinics and are fined.

Even if Lindsay wins here, Kingston will complete its first county championship since 1987. At this point in the regular season, only two games are scheduled for October 26 and November 2, 2012. The Spartans have clinched the title 6AII-2 and will be looking for a playoff home game next week, while Muskogee needs a win to finish third in 6IaI-2.

It's more likely that Seminole, Stigler and Idabel will score victories this week, but no one can catch Union in 6IaI-2. The Panthers have finished second behind the reigning champions, and that game will determine who the top seed is in next week's 6AII-1 playoff game. I've taken the Stillwater-Del City playoff scenario and applied it here, so I think crazy to think Crescent could go from Class-Second - to the playoffs as Class-2A runners - to the playoffs is a scenario that goes into this week's schedule.

Sports enthusiasts and families who have forgotten a view of Tahlequah's beautiful green spaces. I continued to see historical markings listing little-known landmarks and meandered through the city, past the historic sites of the town of Branch Creek.

This example shows how pervasive the OSSAA is in high school athletic competition in Oklahoma. Its members are 98 percent of public schools, according to the annual report from the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Since the source of public school funding is Oklahoma taxpayers, the State of Oklahoma has a duty to ensure that our taxpayers' money is not used arbitrarily or arbitrarily, but fairly and impartially. Secondary school activities should make an appropriate contribution to the overall education programme.

This basic policy is at the heart of legislation regulating the OSSAA, the Oklahoma State High School Athletics Association and the state of Oklahoma. All schools are required to be members of this organization and to participate in all nationwide cross-school sports events.

No special spending of school funds may favor the Sequoyah football team over other Sequoysah athletes who have not had the opportunity to attend an individual camp except for himself. No student - athlete may participate in any football, basketball, softball, volleyball, football, lacrosse, athletics or volleyball teams of his school, except at two team camps or clinics. The parents of the athlete pay all discounts and no other expenses such as travel, accommodation, meals, transport, accommodation, meals, etc. will be charged to the school.

On October 22, 2012, Sheakly, the OSSAA Executive Director, telephoned the Sequoyah Athletic Director to several students, including Sequoysah's football and basketball coach, and the athletic director.

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