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Music lovers will enjoy many events, including a tap dance competition, an award-winning Cherokee National Youth Choir, and foot and foot violins. There's a lot of great music and great people here, so mark your calendar so you don't miss it!

The OSSAA Solo Ensemble Contest is a state-sponsored competition in which individuals and small groups prepare music to be judged for the competition. The District Band is an opportunity for Eastern Oklahoma students to compete to become part of a band of honor that includes 20 schools. Our 7th grade band also had two concerts this year, one in Branson, MO, where they competed with another band and had a great time. Reading in Sight and a special performance by the Cherokee National Youth Choir at the State Fair of Oklahoma.

Our 7th grade band continues to develop instrumental music and we have added several activities that promote the development of musicality. Our instrumental ensembles include a wind band, a choir, an instrumental choir and a percussion ensemble.

An overview of Tahlequah's cultural history, which is conveyed through an organized hiking and driving tour. The city also organizes a history trail that leads through the historic Old Town and the historic city center, as well as several other parts of the city.

The Cherokee Heritage Center serves as a historical and cultural museum with exhibits and temporary exhibitions on the history of Tahlequah and the Cherokee Nation. History buffs will not want to miss this exciting museum that highlights all aspects of Cherokee life.

Built in 1993, this building serves as a place where musicians can practice and listeners can enjoy music. In addition to a venue, the Jazz Lab is also a venue for jazz programs, offices and courses.

NSU offers eleven sports, including football, basketball, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, athletics, wrestling and volleyball. NSU's athletic team is known as RiverHawks, and the university competes in the American Athletics Conference (AAC), college football's premier conference.

The NSGA's purpose is to establish a representative student government and provide a forum for the views and ideas of students to promote and represent NSU students.

The RHA provides campus residents with a wide range of services including food, clothing, transportation and entertainment. The Cherokee National Holiday has become one of Oklahoma's largest festivals, attracting more than 100,000 visitors from around the world. Inter - Tribal Powwows held at the Cherokee Nation Cultural Grounds are always crowd favorites, highlighting the Christmas festivities in which dancers from across the United States vie for prizes and top honors. This outdoor drama is performed annually in an 18-100 seat amphitheater and in 2002 the show was declared the second most popular bus show in the nation by the American Bus Association, behind only the New York City Bus Show.

The Trail of Tears premieres Saturday, November 4 at 7 p.m. at the Cherokee Nation Cultural Grounds amphitheater with a performance by the Oklahoma State University Orchestra.

It was a very special moment for Carden because he saw a local teenager at an event in the city. The teenager told him this was his first LGBT event and he was having a great time.

Carden realized that he could no longer hold the event in his backyard, so he created a permit for a picnic in a nearby park that he had created himself. He got permission for them to get off and picnic in nearby parks, reached out to the city and asked local vendors to set up booths to support the events, and a DJ also offered his services. Within the first week, more than 50 people had attended the event and Carden could not believe how many people were there.

Tahlequah Bands is led by Erin Epperly, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Music from Oklahoma State University. Assistant directors include Courtney Clear, who earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Music in Music Education from Tulsa University, and Courtney Brown, a 1996 graduate of Tahleqah High School who served as deputy director of the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra and director of the Tulsa Symphony.

Before her death, she was survived by her husband David and their two children Michael and Amanda, as well as her two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and her sister Jennifer.

Her husband Bob died in 2002, but Alene continued to enjoy every chance she had in the company of her family. Her beloved mother and grandmother loved her family and spent time with them just to go for a spin. There were children running around with flags, face paint and balloons and people were happy to bring their families to this big gathering. She died shortly before she turned 73, with her husband David and their two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren in tow.

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More About Tahlequah