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Music lovers will enjoy many events, including the taps, the award-winning Cherokee National Youth Choir and more. Mark your calendar to make sure you don't miss this year's Tahlequah Cherokee Music Festival on Saturday, April 22. Packed with music, dancing, food and fun for the whole family, so mark your calendar.

Cherokee National Treasure Jane Osti will show how she makes traditional Cherokee pottery and some of it is for sale. Learn how to make grape dumplings and take the recipe home. A corn husk puppet class will be held at Tahlequah Community Center from 9: 30 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, April 22. The event begins at 10 a.m., with the Cherokee National Youth Choir's performance at 11: 15 a.m.

Some scientists report that the Cherokee word li - gwa describes the red color that grows in the flat, open areas of East Tennessee. However, there is no word for "plain" in Cherokee lexicon; the word tel - i - quah is interpreted by others as plain, but is not found in lexicon. Many linguists believe that it is a combination of the two words for plain and simple - yes or plain as in plain text.

Also in 1851, the Cherokee Female Seminary was opened in Park Hill, which performed a parallel function for Cherokee girls. Such characters were used in the syllabus created for their language by the writing system created by Cherokee scholars.

The state took over the land of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, a small tribe of about 1,000 people in what is now Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It became home to the state's first public school system, Oklahoma State High School System.

The first school was founded in 1845, the National Hotel was built (built in 1844) and the post office opened (1847). Higher education became a reality with the opening of the Cherokee Male and Female Seminary in 1851. The Cherokee Female Seminary, originally built on Park Hill, was burnt down in 1887 and rebuilt in Tahlequah. In 1843, a newspaper, Cherokee Advocate, issued its first issue, installing a printing press in a brand new Supreme Court building. First printed newspaper in Oklahoma City and first on the first day of Oklahoma State High School system.

Most buildings were destroyed during the Civil War, during which the Cherokee was split into two bitterly opposed sides. The city grew and the Cherokees were reborn as a vibrant and progressive people who felt a strong sense of pride in their history and culture.

The nation's executive and legislative offices were located within the national tribal government, which was dissolved in 1906 in preparation for Oklahoma statehood. Tahlequah is home to the largest state-recognized tribe in the United States, the Cherokee Nation, with more than 1.5 million people. The Cherokees Nation is a leader in tribal businesses ranging from aerospace and defense contracts to entertainment.

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Muskogee Avenue offers shoppers and diners a range of restaurants and boutiques for independently owned parties and celebrations. During the warmer months, residents enjoy free movies in the park hosted by the Tahlequah Main Street Association. Look for good business opportunities as the calendar is full of coupons for popular local retailers. Save money by supporting small businesses directly in your hometown and by signing up to the city planner calendar for your region.

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I enjoy seeing high school students in debate, speech, and action, and I would like to judge what happened in Tahlequah.

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The Cherokee Nation is hosting several events in February, including the annual Christmas party at Cherokee National Park in Cherokee, Oklahoma. The Inter-Tribal Powwow, held at the Cherokees Nation Cultural Grounds, is always a crowd favorite and highlights the Christmas festivities, with dancers from across the United States vying for prizes and top honors.

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